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Shingles are the most common roofing material used across the nation. They form a layered appearance that is attractive on almost any architectural design. Homeowners might be familiar with basic black asphalt shingles, but there is more to their design and installation that requires professionals on the job until the project is complete.

Homeowners should initially ask about shingle colors and textures. Talented contractors know how to match current home exterior decor to possible shingle types, for instance. Roofers might offer a light brown hue to match with a cream colored wall exterior. Homeowners can also learn about shingle alignment. There are a handful of different layering techniques that alter the roof's appearance from the ground while still protecting the structure from leaks. Select an approved shingle alignment strategy to update the home's appearance with just one project.

Reputable companies take roof replacement seriously by removing materials carefully instead of tearing into the structure. Contractors must peel the old shingle layers off to inspect the deck below. They want a leak free surface to attach the new shingles properly. When the deck is cleared as a strong surface, contractors can add underlayment and shingles for the new installation.

Homeowners shouldn't see roofers arbitrarily adding nails across the rooftop to secure shingles. There should be a basic pattern to all fastening techniques. Each shingle needs about four to six nails located around its top section. Any rogue nails could contribute to future leaks and accelerated shingle deterioration.

Reputable contractors don't just install a project and leave immediately afterward. Several inspections occur with separate individuals to catch any missed issues, such as three nails instead of four. A new roof warranty should be offered to homeowners to add to the project's value. Any problems within a given time period should be covered by this warranty policy.

True professionals have certifications from material manufacturers, including Master Elite statuses. If a roofing company has a Master Elite employee, homeowners should know that high quality is required of these designations. With material expertise, these roofers install shingles with precision to prevent leaks across the entire rooftop.

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