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Total Roofing understands that the easiest way to extend the serviceable life of any roof is to make sure that it receives routine maintenance. Maintaining a roof is useful in finding and repairing small problems before they develop into larger, more costly repair projects. Unfortunately, many homeowners give little thought to their roof until a major problem presents itself.

There are certain tasks that must be done at particular times in order to maintain a roof properly. Adherence to the maintenance schedule will give homeowners peace of mind and confidence in their roof's ability to withstand the harsh conditions that every roof must endure.

One of the most important roof maintenance tasks is to clean out the gutters and downspouts. This must be done at least twice a year. The seasons are a perfect reminder of gutter cleaning time: once after the leaves have all fallen and once after all the seedpods have fallen. Homes in wooded areas may need an additional cleaning.

The majority of roof leaks start at a penetration. This is because the roof is vulnerable at these points: chimneys, vent pipes and skylights. These must be inspected every year to ensure that their flashing and sealants have not deteriorated or corroded. While the shingles may be rated for decades, flashing and sealants typically wear out within three years, creating opportunity for rain and moisture to cause damage. Some sealants must be touched up every year.

A roof is only as dry as its weakest shingle. That's why it is important to inspect the roof for damage after every storm. Strong winds often blow shingles away, and hail can crack them or dislodge their protective granules. It is important for those shingles to be replaced right away. Missing or broken shingles leave the entire roof vulnerable to further damage and could quickly develop into a major problem if not tended to quickly.

It is important to have a professional from Total Roofing "walk the roof" at least once per year to see if the roof is "spongy" and make sure that no moss or lichen are growing on the roof. Either could be a sign that the decking has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

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