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The following are Additional Services that Total Roofing and Reconstruction offers to our roofing customers. We have experience in all of these services and a strong reputation of excellent workmanship. Total Roofing and Reconstruction has trained, professional contractors that can assess the need, coordinate the work and manage the project to successful completion.

CHIMNEY REPAIR - This includes masonry work that might be required due to age or weather such as repointing loose mortar and repairing and replacing brick. Cracks or deterioration may cause leaks and water penetration, smoke or fire hazard issues (downdrafts, etc.), or structural failure. We also install and mount chimney caps, dampers and flashing in various materials.

FENCING - We can repair, replace, power wash & stain the posts, rails, pickets, and gates of various fence styles. Materials include wood, vinyl, and composite.

CARPENTRY - We understand all of the various parts of a roofing system and offer expert carpentry for soffits and fascia including installation or repair and caulk and paint. Any area exposed to the weather or even birds or insects can have issues. The soffit is the exposed area beneath the overhang of your roof. If it is not in good condition then it may not be ventilating your attic or keeping moisture away from your house. Moisture can also ruin the roof line which is the fascia boards. The fascia has a functional and aesthetic role. It should be protecting the roof edge and should have a nice finished appearance as well.

SIDING - We install and repair various styles and materials of siding including Hardiboard (fiber cement), vinyl and wood. We are able to assist with picking out a quality and affordable product for your application. You need to consider durability (warranty), cost, appearance (such as colors and texture), and maintenance.

WINDOWS - We offer window replacement and repairs for various styles and materials. There are numerous styles and sizes and shapes of windows including awning, bay, casement, double hung, sliding and that doesn't even begin to address the efficiency of the glass or the hardware options. Total Roofing and Reconstruction can assist you in considerations such as lighting, warmth, ventilation, sizes and materials when choosing the appropriate windows for your home.

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