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Whether considering basic maintenance or a major repair project, homeowners should consider working with an experienced Plano roofing team for the best results. It is important to choose a team that has experience with a variety of shingles, fasteners and roofing materials both common and obscure. This is especially critical when it comes to choosing among the varieties of shingle materials as not every shingle is appropriate for every roofing system. Homeowners should also expect the team to perform a complete inspection of the home to ensure proper maintenance.

While often overlooked after installation, doors and windows can impact a home's energy efficiency and ability to provide protection from the elements. In addition to the roof, when the doors and windows experience natural aging or have weathered a severe storm, the entire home's structural integrity and energy efficiency is at risk. Homeowners should make it a point to perform annual inspections and regular maintenance work to ensure to prevent costly repair bills and additional damage.

Windows and doors allow air to circulate within a home and play a critical role in energy efficiency and temperature control.

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Homeowners that want to save on their heating and electricity bills should regularly inspect their windows for drafts and other signs of no longer being airtight. When windows have experienced damage to their sealants, indoor air can easily flow outside and vice versa. This can greatly affect a resident's energy bills.

In addition to drafty doors and windows, roofs can also lead to energy inefficiency. Homeowners should have their roof checked twice a year and after severe storms to ensure that no damage has taken place. Homes with old or damaged roofs can easily lose energy. These damages can also lead to additional issues such as infestations and structural instability. Homeowners should work to resolve these issues at the first signs of damage to ensure that they don't grow into bigger problems.

Another factor for homeowners to consider when making updates to their home is their siding. Siding is one of the main defenses against severe elements. Vinyl siding, for example, is known for its durability. Vinyl siding that has not been properly installed or maintained, however, is subject to cracking and warping. Cracks and warps can quickly result in weakened support and leaks. Wood siding and painted siding is a more economical alternative. Homeowners with wood siding need to ensure that sealants are properly applied and that the paint is updated every few years.

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