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Whether a homeowner has known for a while that they need to get their roof replaced, or a recent storm or leak has accelerated this need, hiring a Plano roofing contractor is an extremely important decision. A home is the biggest investment most people will make. The roof is what protects the home from many of the often unpredictable outdoor elements, such as wind, rain, ice and hail. Trusting a roofing professional to replace a roof is to trust them with a major investment and thousands of dollars.

Most homeowners wouldn't simply trust the first person they talked to with thousands of dollars, they would do their research and be sure they were hiring someone who could be trusted and was reputable, no matter what kind of work they needed to be done. Likewise, it is highly important for homeowners to do their research and due diligence when it comes to hiring a roofer.

To begin the process of hiring a roofing professional, a homeowner can check with people they know for referrals and recommendations. Asking neighbors, family, friends and even the neighborhood association can often unearth reputable professionals. Homeowners should ask these people what they liked about the work that was done; if there were any problems before or after the roof was completed, and if so how they were handled; and if the work was completed on time.

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The answers to these questions will give the homeowner a good feel for a roofing company.

The homeowner should then select at least two or three companies to research further. They should ask each roofing company for a list of at least three references that they can follow up with. If a company or contractor seems offended or taken aback that references have been requested, the homeowner should consider this a red flag warning. Most reputable roofing contractors will have a ready made list prepared and often provide it without the potential client having to ask for it.

It is important that any professional doing work in a home have insurance. Roofers need to have worker's comp coverage and regular insurance. The homeowner should ask to see the insurance certificates and then call the insurance company to verify that the coverage is current and appropriate for the job that will be done.

Although hiring a roofing contractor can be time consuming, and even potentially frustrating, in the long run, the homeowner will be happy and rewarded for doing so with a job well done.

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