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A roof is commonly an overlooked building element that is installed and then forgotten about. Homeowners typically notice their roofs only after a problem such as a leak has occurred. They may also think that a roof only needs attention after a major event such as a severe storm or fire damage. These assumptions could not be further from the truth. A neglected roof presents homeowners with a variety of problems and expenses that are often avoidable with the proper maintenance. A Plano roofing contractor can provide homeowners with the professional inspections and repairs their roofs require to meet and exceed their expected service lives and warranties.

Proper inspection is the key to maintaining a quality roof. Most roof repairs are relatively fast and inexpensive when the problem is caught early enough. Shingles can be replaced, and the building's flashing can be quickly recaulked. When these kinds of simple repairs are left undone, water begins to penetrate into the more vulnerable layers of wood and insulation beneath the structure. When moisture sits on the wood and insulation, it leads to rot and mold growth. This quickly deteriorates the structural foundation of the roof such as the deck, rafters or ridge boards. If it goes on long enough, the entire roof will need to be torn off and replaced.

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Water under the top layers of a roof is like an infection beneath the skin. It gets worse the longer it festers.

Inspection becomes more important as a roof ages. Even with consistent maintenance, no roof lasts forever. Eventually, an inspection may reveal that the roof is simply too worn for repairs and must be recovered or replaced. It is better that a homeowner make a planned decision to replace a roof rather than have that decision forced on them by major roof failures and leaks that could potentially damage the interior of the home. Considering the important job a roof has, proper inspections can benefit the home as a whole. While homeowners have the option of reroofing the structure, or placing new shingles upon damaged, existing ones, this option is typically not recommended, as it can worsen the damage underneath.

Roof inspections can be performed in a variety of ways. Many inspections can and should be done without ever setting foot on the roof. The less walking done on the roof, the better. A professional will get most of the information they need from the ground or from a short climb up on a ladder to look over the roof.

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