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Builders and homeowners are always searching for the best sustainable roof, one that will be environmentally friendly, durable, energy efficient and affordable. Although no one has come up with the perfect sustainable roof, there are several effective options. A consultation with a Plano roofing professional will help the homeowner move in the right direction.

A sustainable roofing system is one built, designed and eventually demolished using natural resources and helps to preserve the global environment. The white roof or cool roof is a good idea to consider in a hot, sunny climates. These roofs help cool the interior of the house by using a material that reflects the sun's rays back into the atmosphere rather than being absorbed into the home. Roofs made of foam and coated with reflective white paint are a common choice for flat roofs. There are also white asphalt shingles and white clay tiles that do the same thing.

Metal roofing is a great choice for sustainable roofing. While metal roofing is energy intensive in the production stage, it is often made with some recycled content, and the environmentally friendly buyer can choose a metal that has a high content of recycled elements. Metal is completely recyclable, so an old roof that should be recycled can be reused to make new metal products.

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Metal also sends the heat of the sun back into the air, and it is highly fire resistant. Metal roofing costs more up front, but the homeowner who chooses a metal roof will be assured of a long roof life and will be making a contribution to the environment.

Wood shake or wood shingles are sustainable as long as they come from trees grown in sustainably managed forests, so once again, the buyer has to make sure the product being used fits that requirement. Since wood is a natural and biodegradable product, it fits the concept of sustainability very well. Like metal, wood is more expensive than asphalt tile, but not as expensive as slate or copper.

There are also changes that can be made to existing roofs to make them more sustainable. Integrating solar panels into a roof will increase energy savings noticeably. Adding deep roof overhangs to shade the home from the sun will reduce energy and electricity bills. A slightly more radical approach is to create an actual green roof, one that uses real soil and plants, but it is an expensive option that does require upkeep.

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