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Whether as the main component of roof decking or as a reliable roof covering, steel has been a part of roofing construction for a long time. As a roof covering, the primary focus of steel was originally its function not its aesthetics, and the use of steel roof coverings was often regulated to rudimentary ribbed metal panels that were used mainly on commercial buildings. However, in recent years, the manufacturing and design of steel has evolved so that steel roof shingles have become a popular and affordable roof covering option in the residential roofing industry.

Plano roofing specialists are now able to install steel roofing shingles that can resemble slate shingles, cedar wood shingles and clay tiles in a variety of colors and textures. Depending on the manufacturer, steel shingles can be composed solely of galvanized steel, or they can be comprised of a mixture of tin, zinc, aluminum or fiberglass that is either submerged in stainless steel or sprayed with a steel powder coating. They are often made using recycled materials and can be installed using galvanized roofing fasteners.

The steel shingles are molded and stamped to obtain the desired shape and texture. For example, in order to achieve the appearance of stone clay tiles, steel shingles are molded into a tile shape and coated with layers of stone granules that are then sealed with a polymer coating.

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Slate shingles are often replicated by using heavy gauge steel that is double stamped to simulate the finish of natural slate.

Homeowners may be inclined to select steel roofing shingles over the authentic natural shingles and tiles for a few reasons. Steel shingles tend to weigh less than other types of roof coverings and can be easily installed over an existing asphalt shingle roof, which can reduce removal and disposal costs. They are durable, fire resistant and can reflect the heat of ultraviolet rays. The final protective coating or finish that is used on many brands of steel shingles also helps them resist the onset of rust for a number of years, ensuring the shingles maintain their unique appearance.

Steel roofing shingles are able to combine the durability of steel and the aesthetic appeal of the natural materials that are used to make much more expensive shingles and tiles. They can be used for new roofing installations, or they can be placed over existing asphalt rooftops. They are an affordable and long-term solution for homeowners looking for a reliable roof.

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