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A standing seam roof is a durable and enduring metal roof option. This type of roof is made from metal that is interlocked vertically to form a standing seam. This roof is long lasting and resilient against extreme weather conditions that range from northern, winter cold to the southern, humid heat. A standing seam roof is easy to build and can last as long as the house itself. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance work. This is gainful in the long term as fewer repairs translates to less money spent hiring Plano roofing contractors to maintain it.

A standing seam roof comes in different shapes and sizes and provides an array of options to homeowners in terms of design and visual appeal. The versatility of this roof means that shapes can be customized and designed even on site, giving the house an aesthetic edge. The installation of a standing seam roof is simple and easy as well. The seams are held together by clasps installed in each panels. Over time, homeowners should check to ensure the clasps are in place and fastened tightly enough.

A standing seam roof has metal panels installed vertically on the roof deck.

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Though copper, aluminum and galvanized steel are three of the most commonly used materials used to make this roof, a variety different materials can be used. Of these, however, aluminum is the most cost efficient. Copper is a much more expensive option. The initial cost of installing a standing seam roof may be relatively high. However, given its lifespan and limited maintenance requirement, the initial investment may be the last sizable investment the homeowner makes in the roof. Compared to other roofing materials that need to be replaced every 20 to 40 years, this is a significant saving.

In addition, a standing seam roof is resistant to different weather conditions as well as fire. Metals like copper and steel have a Class A fire rating and are of the sturdiest materials that can be used in a fire prone area. At the same time, the material and design of a standing seam roof is lightweight, weighing less than 200 pounds per square. It is easier to install and does not burden the structure of the house, and it provides durability and strength. Metals are also natural reflectors of sunlight, which can keep the house insulated, especially during the summer, and reduce the expenses on energy. With an additional layer of coating, the house can be made significantly environmentally friendly in terms of energy requirement. Using recycled metal in the production of the roof is another eco friendly measure that can be taken.

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