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Plano Roofing: Article About Securing A Roof During Strong Winds

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Much of the storm damage that Plano roofing companies are hired to repair could be prevented. There are steps that homeowners can take well in advance of bad storms to both mitigate and avoid wind and rain damage, and if a storm advisory calls for preparedness, most roofing contractors offer services that involve inspecting a roof and applying any necessary preventive measures in advance of the storm.

The most severe type of roof damage that can occur is when entire sections of a roof rip right off a home. This kind of damage usually occurs during a hurricane or tornado, and it can involve loss of roofing shingles, underlayment, roofing sheathing and the roofing structure itself. Such damage requires tremendous forces, and the only preventive measure that's truly effective is hurricane clips. Hurricane clips, also called tornado clips, are engineering ties that are installed in the roof structure. Clips can be installed after the fact, but the work is substantial and costs may be prohibitive for many homeowners.

Even with hurricane ties installed, most contractors recommend hiring a professional to apply construction adhesive at every point where a rafter connects with the roof deck.

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The NRCA estimates that this measure alone triples the resistance a roof has to winds that are strong enough to tear it off. Construction adhesive is effective in addition to hurricane clips, and it's quite effective in homes that don't have the clips installed as well.

If a high category hurricane or tropical storm warning is in effect and authorities recommend boarding windows and protecting roofs, then a hurricane tarp is a strong option. Although there are boarding services available and homeowners can do the work themselves, it's best to allow a professional roofer to install the tarp. The best tarps are rated for storm damage and are held down by weights rather than having an adhesive backside. If a homeowner is performing the work themselves, the work should cease as soon as the wind or rain arrives. It is better to make an insurance claim than to risk life and limb.

Homeowners should also determine the wind zone rating of their shingles. The average asphalt shingle is only rated for winds around 60 mph. When it comes time to replace the roof, homeowners can upgrade to shingles that are rated for 90 mph or more. There is additional cost associated with the added wind zone rating, but the cost difference is relatively small in the context of the cost of a new roof.

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