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Steel tiles are a premium roofing product made from several materials layered onto each other. The core of the tile is made from steel, which is designed to make the tile strong and durable. Other layers of metal, fiberglass and plastics are then added to the core, to make the tile resistant to water, fire and extreme weather conditions. Some tiles will also have a protective top layer of granules or coating to make it weather resistant and to beautify the appeal of the steel tile. Check with a Plano roofing professional to see all the options available.

Steel tiles are often available in different types, colors and sizes. They can also be customized to look like wood, slate or clay tile roofing. Newer types of steel tiles have paint granules baked into the tiles, which preserves the color of the tiles over time. This further reduces the maintenance required over the years. This can be important since the initial investment into steel tile roofing is higher relative to other materials.

However, over the years, the investment pays off. First of all, steel tiles are extremely durable yet weigh relatively little. This reduces the workmanship required during the installation process. At the same time, the structure of the house remains intact over time, since the roof is significantly lighter.

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This makes steel tile roofing particularly useful in earthquake prone areas.

Additionally, the durability of a steel tile means it provides effective resistance against all weather conditions. During the summer season, the steel tiles act as reflectors of the sun's rays, which keeps the inside of the house cooler than with other kinds of roofing, which translates into reduced air conditioning costs. During the winter months, steel tile roofing provides protection against strong winds and heavy snow loads.

Steel tiles also have a high fire rating of Class A, meaning they are one of the most effective fire retardant materials. Such a roof is also impervious to insects and termites, or damage from overhanging tree limbs. Steel tiles are manufactured using recycled metal only and are easy on the environment. Given that steel tiles last a long time, they are also ecofriendly because of a lack of need for replacement. At the end of its useful life, the metal can be recycled again. That may not be for a while though, since steel tiles come with a 50 year warranty and often last as long as the house itself.

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