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Proper ventilation of the roof is the most basic form of defense against the intense summer sun. Without adequate ventilation, the interior temperature of a house can be practically double that of the outside environment. These high roof temperatures, besides being a source of discomfort, can limit the lifespan of the roof when combined with the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. Throughout the rest of the year, an improper ventilation system can lead to buildup of moisture within the internal structure of the roof and cause extensive damage. A Plano roofing contractor will recommend which type is most suitable for a particular roof, and one should definitely be consulted before making a decision.

Attic and roof ventilation are the most important components of the roofing system. These have a large bearing on the temperature of the roof. The basic function of a ventilation system is to pull the air into the attic and blow the heated air out of the house. There are two main components of a ventilation system. The first is the intake cent, which is installed on the eaves or in the soffit of a roof. The fresh air goes through the intake vent in the summer and prevents the buildup of trapped heat inside the house. Without this, the temperature can rise by 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the house.

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The second component of the ventilation system is the exhaust vent. This circulates the heated air out of the attic and into the outside atmosphere. There are different types of exhaust vents, including power vents and turbine vents.

Without proper ventilation, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Because of the concentration of moisture in the inner roof structure, mildew can start to form around metal pipes and areas. This can grow into the insulation structure as well, reducing its effectiveness, while posing a severe health risk to occupants of the house. Inadequate ventilation can also contribute significantly to high energy costs that are spent on trying to cool the house down. Unless heated air is given an outlet through ventilation, the house will keep heating up.

If ventilation does not exist in a roofing structure that is located in a hot climate, this may result in drastic failure of the roof as well. This could either be over time, through the rotting and decaying of roofing materials, or a breakage of the roof altogether. Wooden structures and asphalt roofs are particularly affected by heat and high temperatures. It's very important to seek a professional's help to prevent these problems from arising.

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