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Homeowners renovating a home have a lot on their minds and the roof is an easy area to ignore. However, the roof should be on the list of priorities when investing money into the home. In fact, Plano roofing professionals recommend that roofing is the first or second item on the list of considerations for home improvement. A roof is part of the first line of protection that a home has against the outside elements. If the roof is overlooked during a renovation, yet needs replacing, the homeowner is putting a lot at risk. Here are some points for homeowners to consider when thinking about how they will spend their renovation budgets.

There are opposing viewpoints on whether or not the old roof should be torn off and discarded prior to building a new one. Many roofers suggest leaving the old one to save time and money. However, there are some drawbacks to doing this. Most importantly, leaving the old roofing material there can be against code. The contractor or the homeowner need to do their research and figure out if it is against code to overlay the roof before a decision is made.

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Building a new roof over top of the old roof can sometimes void the roofing warranty as well. It can potentially overload the structure with weight that is unnecessary.

One of the best reasons to tear off the old roofing material is that it allows contractors to see any damages that might be there, such as leaks, rotting wood, or infestations of pests or algae. They can then deal with those problems. This extra step gives the homeowner peace of mind and a fresh start with their roofing renovation.

When deciding on which renovations to complete it is important that homeowners take a good look at their budget, as well as their return on investment. If budget allows for a roof replacement, a new roof can make the home easier to sell and worth more. People in the market for a new home are more attracted to homes with newer roofs, as they know they should not have to replace the roof anytime in the near future. Banks are also more likely to approve loans on homes that have newer roofs, making these homes sell faster.

If a homeowner is still unsure as to whether or not they want to include their roof in the home renovation, they can call a roofing contractor for a professional inspection and advice.

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