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Northern Texas homeowners are well aware of fluctuating weather conditions their region has experienced in the recent past. Heavy rains, strong winds and even snow have pelted the area, causing unforeseen damage to their roofs. A solid roof layer is essential to a home's defense against more destructive forces seeping into interior structures. Leaky roofs caused by these elements are the weak link that could lead to serious damage in walls, ceilings and floors. Homeowners in the northern metropolitan area have the option to consult with professional Plano roofing contractors to ensure the integrity of their roofs are intact and ready to stand up against whatever plans Mother Nature has to throw at them.

Because weather is unpredictable, having your roof regularly inspected for possible damage is a safeguard against unwarranted surprises. You may be able to have the possible repairs completed before signs of interior distress are evident. Some of the indications your roof may need repair include shingles that are curled, ripped or missing. In addition, other roofing parts, such as roof flashing, chimneys, ventilation pipes and gutters must be examined for a thorough roof inspection.

Besides a regular roof inspection, homeowners can follow a few procedures to avoid roof leaks. Trim any tree branches that hang over your roof so they don't create shaded areas that keep your roof damp and susceptible to moss or algae growth.

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Their presence causes even more damage because of the moisture they hold. Clean gutters and downspouts on a regular schedule. When they're overgrown or full of debris, water and ice tend to build up. The buildup causes shingles to heave and water to seep under the shingles, where it then leaks into the interior of your home. Keep roof ventilation sources unblocked. Louvers, ridge vents and soffit vents release the heat and moisture buildup in attics. If these aren't released, then rafters and sheathing could rot, shingles could buckle and insulation could lose its effectiveness, further exacerbating the problem.

Brown, yellow or grey stains, blistered or peeling paint and spongy feeling surfaces on interior walls and/or ceilings are signs that your roof may already be leaking and in need of repairs. If water leaks are left without doing necessary repairs, mold and mildew could infiltrate the air quality in your home, thereby posing health risks to your family. If you aren't sure what to look for, don't hesitate to call a trusted professional roofing contractor to perform an inspection.

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