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Roof ridges are a common roofing problem. These ridges appear to be blisters in the shingles, and the common reaction to such shingles is to assume that they were not laid perfectly flat. However, Plano roofing experts note that the real reason for this phenomenon has less to do with how the shingles were laid and more to do with how well insulated the roof is.

Roof ridges are caused by gaps in a roof's insulation. A properly insulated roof has a foam layer between the home and the roof, controlling ventilation through dedicated openings that lead straight outside, rather than through the layers of roofing material. However, gaps in the layer of foam insulation allow heat and moisture to work its way into the different layers of the roof, and this most often affects the felt paper layer. When the felt paper layer is moistened in this way, it expands, and this creates the ridges that are noticeable from the outside.

Unfortunately, roof ridges are an expensive problem to fix. There is no spot solution that puts the entire roof back into order. Instead, the insulation problem must first be corrected, and then the roof must be replaced once the insulation problem has been resolved. Typically, it is a good idea to ensure that proper ventilation is being utilized in the construction of the new roof.

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Thermal imaging services may be worth the investment in order to prevent a repeat occurrence. Thermal imaging equipment can be used to get a true picture of where the heat in a home is escaping. Utilizing such a service can help ensure that all insulation issues are addressed before the new roof goes on.

Roof ridges are a small visual cue that reveal a substantial roof problem. Left untreated, roof ridges can cause the protective felt paper and the backing to the shingles to rot. The moisture can also damage the roof deck, adding water damage to the cost of the repair at hand. If a home has roof ridges, the best thing to do is to contact the builder if it is a newer home, or the most recent roofer if it is an older home. There may be warrantees or guarantees available to help defray the costs of fixing roof ridge issues. Even if these are not available, homeowners should know that the problem will only worsen over time, and temporary aesthetic fixes rarely last long enough to be worth the money. Address the problem as soon as possible.

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