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A quality insulation layer is vital to the functionality of any roof. Insulation prevents thermal penetration between the house and the outside. The majority of a structure's heat loss occurs through the roof. The insulation is the primary means of limiting this loss and improving the building's energy efficiency. A Plano roofing contractor can further discuss with an owner the insulation options and ensure that the insulation is properly installed.

Insulation can come in a variety of materials, including fiberglass, cellulose and mineral wool. The material used may depend on the budget available and the installation method needed.

The installation method is an important choice and will impact the cost and maintenance needs of the insulation. Different materials are also more or less suited for a particular installation method. Owners have a choice between the loose full and the batt methods of installation. The choice of method will depend on the layout of the roof and the owner's preference.

Loose fill insulation is not self contained. The insulation material is either blown into place using special machinery, or it is filled and spread by hand. Using machinery is considerably less time consuming and results in a better layer of insulation.

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Most contractors will use machinery. Attics with irregular spacing will require loose fill because batts will not fit properly. Particularly tight spaces will also benefit from fill because the installer will not require as much access to the space. Cellulose is the favored material for loose fill because it settles nicely and is easier to handle.

The insulation may also come in already made batts. A batt is a formed layer of insulation often covered by paper or foil facing. The batts are usually 16 to 25 inches in width and may need to be cut to fit into certain spaces or around obstructions. Installing batt insulation is usually faster and easier than loose fill and is favored, as long as the conditions of the space are suitable. The spaces between the rafters must be even and of the correct size to accommodate the batt snugly without need for excessive cutting. There must also be enough space all around for the installer to access the area to place and secure the batt. The consistency of batt insulation eliminates the problem of uneven filling or air pockets that can decrease the effectiveness of loose fill. Fiberglass is the favored material for batts because it holds together well and is economical.

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