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Roof inspections are an important part of maintaining a home's roof and protecting the home as an investment. According to Plano roofing contractors, a roof inspection should be performed by either the homeowner or a roofing contractor at least twice per year. They are generally done in the spring and in the fall when the weather is milder. In addition, a roof inspection should be performed after any major storm, especially those involving hail, high winds or ice.

Although some parts of a roof inspection involve the interior of the home, such as assessing the ceiling for brown or yellow water staining, most of it is done on the exterior of the home. A homeowner can assess some parts of their roof from the ground utilizing binoculars. However, to complete a thorough inspection, it's important that either the homeowner or a professional roofing contractor visualize the roof while on top of it. There are certain signs and symptoms that are only able to be assessed in this manner.

When it comes to accessing the roof, a homeowner needs to decide if they feel safe enough to perform their own inspection. Each year, many people are severely injured after a fall from a roof. Homeowners should utilize a safety harness to prevent falls.

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They should also not attempt to get on the roof while it is wet or icy, as shingles will be slippery. Shoes with extremely good traction, or even roof boots, should be worn to prevent slippage and potential falls. A homeowner should also notify someone in the home or a neighbor close by prior to getting on the roof. This is so that, if the homeowner were to need help or have an emergency, someone will know their whereabouts and can assist or call for help. Additionally, if there are any storms in the area, the homeowner should postpone the rooftop portion of the inspection, as lightning strikes can be a major concern.

Before getting on the roof, the homeowner should also be aware of the pitch of their roof. Even certified home inspectors are only comfortable scaling roofs with pitches up to 12 for single story homes and two story homes. They should also be aware if any moss is present, as these growths can make the roof even more slippery.

If a homeowner does not feel safe on the roof or experienced enough to successfully complete a roofing inspection, he or she should contact a reputable roofing company.

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