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A roof has to be effectively installed, inspected and maintained in high wind areas. The threat to a roof is significantly higher in an area that experiences frequent strong winds. Homeowners often misinterpret wind as a negligible problem for the roof because they don't realize the damaging effects until much later. Consciousness of the problem and preventive actions on part of the homeowners can mitigate the possibility of roof damage resulting from strong winds. Plano roofing professionals can also help homeowners catch trivial problems in time before they become larger issues.

Roofs are designed to withstand local climatic conditions, but often it can be difficult to anticipate the extent of damage strong winds can reap on a roof. Certain areas of the roof are more susceptible to higher wind pressures. This can be along the roof seams and perimeter. Around the center of the roof there is usually lower stress. It is imperative that the materials are securely held by fasteners into their place at all times. The damage from the wind often doesn't become apparent until it starts to move the roofing materials.

If the materials are loosely attached, the wind can push them away from the roofing structure.

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This may cause the underbelly of the roof to be exposed to water and further spoil. This is known as the peeling effect in the roofing industry. If a large number of materials are loosely fit, strong winds can lift and detach the roof entirely, causing extensive damage. With every subsequent cycle of wind, the damage grows. Prior to a windy season, homeowners should schedule a roof inspection to ensure that edge metal of the flat roof is strongly affixed to the vertical wall. Lingering tree limbs can wreak havoc on a roof during a spell of wind, rubbing against shingles and brushing away the protective granules from the shingles. Windblown debris is another dangerous threat that strong winds pose to the roof. The debris can poke holes in it and also cause leakages on the roof's surface.

Even in extremely windy conditions, like a tornado or a hurricane, a roof will stand in its place if it is properly fastened to the house's structure. In such a case, the damage to the roof will primarily be in the form of punctures and perforations in the roof's exterior, which will need immediate attention. After a wind spell, it is also important to have an inspector check for debris clogging up the drainage system because it can cause significant problems.

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