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The roof is arguably the most important structure on a home. It protects the occupants and its contents from the outdoor weather event and adds a unique aesthetic to a home. This makes the care of the roof and its maintenance and inspection of vital importance. Most homeowners will only have to replace the roof on their home once or twice during their lifetime. This means that most of them will be unaware of what to expect before, during and after a roof replacement.

Once a homeowner has selected a reputable Plano roofing contractor, the contractor should help them to determine the type and color of shingle they will be using. The contractor should educate the homeowner on what types of shingles there are and what might be the best option for their home and why. They should also provide the homeowner with shingle samples in various colors and some advice on which colors might look ideal with their home. The homeowner should use the samples and compare them with the other colors on the home, such as the brick, door and stucco, at different amounts of daylight to determine what might look best.

After the shingle type and color have been decided upon, the contractor should establish a time frame for work to begin and end and let the homeowner know.

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The homeowner should be aware that many factors can skew the actual timeline, such as weather and the availability of the roofing materials, so flexibility is key.

Within a few days of the roof work beginning, the homeowner should expect a dumpster to be dropped off at their home and possibly the shingles and other roofing materials as well. They should be sure they are home during these deliveries to help decide where the dumpster and materials should go in case they need to move vehicles out of the driveway.

After the work has been completed, the roofing company should do a thorough sweep of the premises to take care of any trash or even nails that may have gone astray during the work process. This is especially important if the homeowner has young children or pets. Within a few days, the dumpster will be picked up. A customer service representative should stop by promptly after the work has been completed to be sure the work is done up to par and that the homeowner is satisfied with the quality of the work and the materials used.

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