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One of the main concerns for homeowners during the summer season is how hot their roof will become due to rising outdoor temperatures. More regions are experiencing record breaking heat waves during the summer months, which can wreak havoc on a roof and cause it to deteriorate quickly. To keep the structure cooler during the day, there are a few steps to take with a Plano roofing professional to increase the structure's life span.

Homeowners should begin by checking the attic in the home to ensure that there's proper air flow. The temperature in the attic influences the temperature of the shingles or tiles that are installed on the roof deck of the building. It's important for vents and fans to be used in the space to prevent the room from becoming too warm. This can easily lead asphalt shingles to blister or become curled.

A misting system can also be installed by a professional roofer to reduce the temperature when the roof becomes too hot. The system will monitor the temperature of the tiles or shingles before releasing water that sprays across the top of the building. This automatic system can be used throughout the day to prevent exterior damage to the roof. It will even help to keep the inside of the home cooler, for less energy usage.

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Some homeowners opt for painting the roof a lighter shade, which helps to reflect UV rays and prevents the roof from attracting heat. This is an affordable and easy step that can be done by homeowners and completed in a day. Some roofers even recommend applying a cool roof coating to the top of the building, which is a highly reflective pigment that prevents as much heat from being absorbed through the roof. The paint or cool roof coating can be reapplied every few years to help preserve the structure long term.

For homeweners who are planning on living in the property for several more years, there are certain roofing materials that can be installed that are more durable in warm temperatures. Metal, slate and clay tiles are the most common options for warm climates. Metal is highly solar reflective and won't wear down easily due to too much sun exposure. Slate is constructed out of natural rock and won't erode or wear if it becomes warm in the summer season. Clay tiles are also built to withstand high temperatures and can last up to 100 years without curling or blistering.

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