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Besides storm damage that can occur on a roof, termites are one of the main threats that can destroy a roofing structure. Termites are difficult to detect and can often go unseen until the damage has been done. The queen of the colony can easily produce thousands of eggs at a time, which can cause the structure to be destroyed in a matter of months. To learn how to reduce the risk of a termite infestation, homeowners should follow a few steps while seeking the help of a Plano roofing professional.

It's important that all wood piles be kept several feet away from the building, which is often used as a food source for termites and can allow them to find their way to the roof. Roofers also suggest wood piles be elevated and kept off of the ground if they're present in the yard.

Another overlooked cause of termites is clogged rain gutters, which can allow termites to thrive due to moisture that is present in the leaves and debris. It's also important to divert the downspouts away from the building, which will prevent water from pooling near the walls of the home.

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Termites are known to thrive off of water, which makes it important to keep the property free of puddles or moisture.

Mulch should also be cleared away from the foundation by trimming tree limbs and cutting back bushes that are close to the building. This can provide areas of shelter to termites and will also provide paths to the pests if they're not trimmed.

Homeowners should also be aware of the signs that come with a termite infestation. Wood that crumbles easily on the roof or sounds hollow when it's knocked on has likely been damaged. There will also be small pinholes present in the drywall or bubbling and peeling paint on the building. Homeowners may even discover termite droppings or wings that are left on the roofing structure or inside of the home.

Finally, homeowners are recommended to seek the help of a termite professional to spray the property at least once a year with chemicals that can keep the insects away. A professional roofer should also perform a routine inspection on the roof every six months to ensure that the structure is free of any pests. If any termite colonies are detected, they should be treated immediately to prevent the problem from increasing in severity. All of the wood that has been destroyed on the roof will also need to be replaced.

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