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Of all the rats that cause damage to roofs, the roof rat is probably the worst. Quite frequently, these large dark brown rats can be spotted leaping from tree branches or running across power lines to a house's roof. They will use any means possible to get on a home's roof, and from there, the damage begins.

If a Plano homeowner suspects an invasion of rats, especially the large roof rat, they should take the appropriate steps to exterminate them as quickly as possible. After the destructive roof rat colony has been eliminated, the homeowner should call a Plano roofing contractor to assess the damage done by the rats. A knowledgeable roofing contractor can also advise the Plano homeowner on a plan of repair for the house's roof.

Usually, vermin damage to a roof is not covered by homeowner's insurance. Therefore, if a roof rat invasion is suspected, a homeowner should act quickly before the rats inflict extensive damage to the roof and attic space. Also, a Plano homeowner should schedule regular roof maintenance inspections from a qualified roofing professional. This will ensure a home's roof will always remain in good shape and pest free.

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Sometimes the damage done by rodents can be quite extensive. Rats, and especially roof rats, will chew on practically any roofing material. They will chew asphalt or wooden shingles to pieces, shred underlayment and waterproof membranes and even gnaw on the brick of a house's chimney. Roof rats will open up large holes in fascia board and soffits as well, and they will tear open roof vents and chew the covers off the vent stacks.

All of this type of damage will allow rain and snow to enter the attic space and cause moisture and other weather-related issues. This moisture damage will not be confined to the point of entry, it can easily spread over time to other parts of the roof and attic. Extensive water damage will weaken support structures and can lead to very costly repairs and even a full roof replacement.

Aside from all of the chewing damage rodents can cause, one of the most dangerous things rats can do to a house is chew the electrical wiring in the attic. The frayed wires can spark and start a fire in an area of the home where the homeowner may not notice the blaze until it is too late to save the structure from burning down.

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