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Many homeowners are surprised to learn that not only does the roof account for about 40 percent of the home's exterior, but that it is also the source of more than one third of all claims submitted with homeowner's insurance companies. Leaky roofs are more than just annoying. They can be the root of many instances of structural damage in a home. Leaks can cause water damage and mold growth, which can threaten the structural soundness of the home as well as the health of the home's occupants. Water can also find its way into the electrical system and potentially cause a fire hazard and power outages. Having a Plano roofing professional conduct an inspection can help point out any nascent problems before they become serious ones that require more money and attention.

A professional roof inspection serves three purposes. A roofing contractor will assess to see which repairs, if any, are needed, and they will provide the homeowner with an estimate of the lifespan left on the roof. Roofing contractors will then issue a certificate of inspection. For homeowners that are in the process of purchasing a home, it is important that they realize home inspectors do not thoroughly assess the roof. Home inspectors are not roof professionals, and they do not scale the roof or give an estimate of how long the current roof may last.

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A home inspector simply views the roof from the ground to see if he or she can spot any obvious problems. A potential buyer may want to consult with a licensed roofing contractor in addition to a home inspector, therefore.

In addition, roof inspections are not a job for the layperson. Homeowners can pose a danger to themselves and to their roof if they walk around on it. An experienced roofing contractor knows the safety protocol for being on the roof and possesses the proper equipment, such as roof boots, to do so. Experts are also adept at predicting potential problems that are likely not evident to the untrained eye, such as the signs of shingle curling and water damage.

Even if a roof is still under a warranty, the homeowner should not make the mistake of assuming it will be free of any problems or issues until the warranty expires. Additionally, homeowners should not rely on the warranty to cover all the expenses involved with problems in the roofing structure. Most roofing warranties add a stipulation that a professional roof inspection is necessary to maintain it, and they do not honor the warranty if the roof was installed incorrectly.

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