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Extreme winter conditions like sharp drops in temperature, precipitation and snow have a strong and damaging impact on a house's roof. If a roof is not repaired and prepared before the arrival of the winter season, several problems may result in deteriorating the life of the roof severely. Fall is the best time for a roof inspection because it is important to be prepared in advance of winter. Homeowners should create a maintenance checklist to prepare for the colder climate and also contact a local Plano roofing inspector.

The first thing homeowners should check for is existing damage to the roof's membrane. A harsh summer can leave the membrane blistered and split, reducing the effectiveness of the membrane. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can adversely affect the protective coating and leave the roof exposed in different areas. It is important to contact a professional who can better check for holes or openings and repair them. They will also be able to apply an additional protective layer of coating to the roof to prevent further damage.

Four out of five roof leaks are found at roof flashings and penetrations. These areas should be scrupulously checked for defects. All flashing points should be checked thoroughly, including the walls, accessories and adjoining areas. A damaged roof may reveal opening and splits in the areas where the scrim of the roof is exposed.

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Openings may also occur in areas where sealant is applied to joints and coverings.

The inspection is also a good time to get the roof cleaned. This involves clearing the debris from the roof and drainage system. This protects the roof from undue pressure and weight, and it mitigates the creation of mulch and clogging. In areas that experience a large amount of snow, it may be dangerous if the extra weight is not cleared off the roof. These are both problems that can cause a roof's structure to weaken over time and leave it exposed to moisture. When clearing the drainage system, it is important to be watching for shed shingle granules. If there are small mounds of dark, powdery granules deposited around the drainage, it may be a strong indication that the shingles require maintenance work.

Ventilation of a roof should be adequately checked, as well, to ensure that there is a flow from the vents to the outdoors. If the circulation is not pushing the air to the exterior, it may result in the buildup of moisture within the inner structure of the roof. This may lead to weakening of the structure and rotting of roofing materials.

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