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Plano Roofing: Article About Potential Roof Replacement Factors and Symptoms

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In its basic sense, a house is a structure meant to protect its contents and occupants from the outdoor elements such as the wind, rain, heat, cold, hail and ice. According to Plano roofing professionals, the roof is one of the largest and most important portions of the home's protective system. If a roof has a problem or is failing, it can affect the entire structure and endanger people or things within the home. It can also be very costly. This makes the inspection, care and maintenance of the roofing system of utmost importance for everyone homeowner. Here are some factors and symptoms homeowners should be on the lookout for when assessing the health of their roof.

In general, homeowners should be aware of the age of their roof. If constructed of asphalt shingles, a roof can be expected to last in the ballpark of 20 to 30 years. However, severe weather and frequency of maintenance and inspections can shave years off this estimate. If a roof is nearly at the 20 year mark or has passed that age, the homeowner may want to start budgeting and planning for a new one.

Although it's never a good idea for homeowners to try to keep up with the neighbors, they should when it comes to roofs. Homeowners should be on the lookout for other homeowners in the area getting their roofs replaced.

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As homes within the same neighborhood are usually about the same age and are subjected to the same weather conditions, if a neighbor is getting a new roof, chances are that other homes in the area need one as well.

Homeowners need to assess several aspects of the shingles on their roof. Shingles with edges that are curled or shingle tabs that are cupped are signs of wear and tear. Cracked, displaced or missing shingles are also not good. Shingles that appear to be quickly losing their granules indicate a warning sign; a homeowner should beware if they notice many granules in the gutters or downspouts of the home. In addition, if a roof simply looks old and worn down, its function is likely decreased, and a replacement roof is in order.

Residents of a property should be aware of any dark streaks on their roof. This could signal that airborne algae has infested the roof. Although it may not be harmful to a roof, it can certainly detract from the beauty of a home. Homeowners can clean the algae with a 50/50 water and bleach mix in a low volume garden hose spray as long as they are careful not to directly spray the granules.

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