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After having a metal roof installed, it is important to keep up with some basic maintenance. While metal is one of the most resilient types of roofing materials, it still requires maintenance like any other part of the home. When a homeowner checks for issues seasonally, it is less likely that there will ever be a need for emergency roof repairs, according to Plano roofing professionals.

First and foremost, always avoid standing on a metal roof. While the metal may seem like it can hold the weight of a person, it is actually thin and could bend or dent if stood upon. If there is a need to stand on the roof at all, a homeowner should be very careful, as metal roofs are slippery. They should walk along the supported areas when the roof is dry or call a professional to help.

One important maintenance task that needs to be performed every season is cleaning the metal roof's surface. Debris, such as leaves and sticks from trees, can gather on a roof. These items can scratch the metal surface and cause other types of damage if left there. They can be removed by blowing them off the roof with a leaf blower.

A homeowner should check for any loose or missing screws. If loose screws are found, they should be tightened and missing screws replaced.

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The replacement screws must be of the same material as the metal roof or the screws could cause the roof to corrode.

When inspecting the roof, a homeowner should check for any separated seams or holes. These can be sealed with the appropriate metal roof sealant. If large amounts of the seams have separated, a call to the roofer is necessary, as this problem should be covered as a part of the roof's warranty. Gaps between the metal shingles should be taken care of immediately, as they can allow water to get up underneath the roof and do damage.

Metal roofs have an anti corrosion coating or a coat of paint that may only last about 20 years. A homeowner should check the timing of the wear in their roof's manual. After that time, the roof should be repainted or another coat of anti corrosion sealant should be applied.

While one of the common reasons to purchase a metal roof is because it requires maintenance than other types of roofs, that doesn't mean that metal roofs require no maintenance at all. A homeowner will still need to have the roof checked for these various issues. With the proper upkeep, a metal roof can last the lifetime of the home.

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