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Plano Roofing: Article About Metal and Fiber Cement Composite Shingles

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There are many decisions to be made when a homeowner is getting ready to replace their roof. The first one involves choosing a reputable Plano roofing professional and the next one is choosing the right roofing material for the home. The roofing industry today offers many options to homeowners when it comes to roofing materials. Each shingle type has its own benefits and drawbacks. In order to select the right shingle for their own home, a homeowner must consider the pros and cons of each roofing material, as well as their budget, their preferences and how long they want the roof to last. Although shingles made of asphalt are quite popular nearly everywhere in the United States, metal roofs and fiber cement are also gaining in popularity due to their many benefits.

According to roofing professionals, metal roofing can be in the form of shingles or larger sheets. It can be constructed of steel, aluminum, copper or tile. Metal roofs provide cooler temperatures for homeowners as well as modern style. They are more eco friendly than many other shingles, as they often come with a high percentage of recycled content. Metal roofs are known to last twice as long as wood or shingles made of asphalt. They are highly durable and provide an insulating effect from their reflection of solar rays.

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Metal roofs are also extremely light when compared to other shingle types and they hold up well in adverse weather situations. These roofs go best with cottage, contemporary, bungalow and ranch style homes. Homeowners can count on their durability for around 50 years and they are energy efficient and earth friendly.

Homeowners should budget around $100 per square foot for metal roofing materials, although coated steels and copper can run in the ballpark of $600 per square.

Fiber cement composite roofs use tiles made of concrete, wood fiber and clay. These shingles look more like shakes, with a rustic hand sawn look, however, they are fireproof and very durable. These shingles are lighter and do not require additional roofing support prior to installation. Fiber cement can be purchased in several different texture and color varieties. Though this roofing option is extremely durable, they can crack in very cold weather or if they are stepped on. A benefit is that they can go well with nearly any architectural style home. They are known to last for 20 to 30 years and are recyclable. Additionally, fiber cement is recyclable and nonleaching. Costs for fiber cement roofs will run around $500 per square.

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