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Improving the energy efficiency of a roof is one of the most effective ways to minimize a home's overall utility costs. An energy-efficient roof not only lowers costly energy bills, but it also provides considerable protection against the elements. Homeowners who want to increase the energy efficiency of their roof should contact a knowledgeable Plano roofing professional to discuss the available options.

Similar to other areas of a house, insulating the roof is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to achieve immediate energy-efficient benefits in that area of the home. This is because a home with an improperly insulated roof needs more heating in the cold months and more air conditioning in the warmer months. Furthermore, the attic of a home with a poorly insulated roof is usually uninhabitable because of the temperature extremes.

The type of insulation material that homeowners should choose depends on their home's location and the type of house they have. For example, homeowners whose houses have open beams and who live in a hotter climate can use radiant barriers to reflect heat away from the house. Homeowners who reside in cold locations can use cellulose insulation or cotton batting to absorb and retain heat.

Another way to improve a roof's energy efficiency is to install a cool roofing material or to add a cool roof coating.

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In general, a dark roof absorbs and retains more heat and energy than a light-colored roof. A dark roof increases a home's energy bill because it conducts the heat directly down to the house, which increases the home's ambient temperature. Replacing dark shingles with light-colored alternatives or coating the roof with a cooling material is an effective way to reduce the load on a home's cooling appliances.

Homeowners who are considering completely changing their roof or adding a roof to a new home can reduce their energy bills by using sustainable, green roofing materials whenever possible. These roofing materials not only reduce energy costs, but they last much longer than popular roofing materials, such as standard asphalt shingles. Sustainable, energy efficient roofing materials are often coated with a reflective substance, have built-in insulation or are specially designed for specific climates.

For example, homeowners who live in a tropical region should consider installing a zinc and tin alloy metal roof, which can withstand the corrosive air and reflect the natural heat from the sun. Although sustainable roofing materials are more expensive than traditional materials, they are cost-effective in the long run.

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