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Maintaining the roof is perhaps the most unpleasant task on a homeowner's to do list, especially for those leery of heights. Constantly calling in a licensed Plano roofing contractor to keep up with intensive maintenance requirements can also become costly. Luckily, there are several quality roofing materials that homeowners can choose to make maintaining a well functioning roof a breeze. When it's time to reroof, consider investing in the following roofing options that can pay back with added leisure time.

Slate roofing is a durable and long lasting material that's virtually maintenance free. Slate provides excellent longevity with an average lifespan of at least 50 years. In fact, some slate roofs in the United States are still functioning well after a century. Slate roofing is designed to withstand harsh weather and prevent damage from extreme heat, fire or strong winds. Since natural slate comes with a big price tag, homeowners may want to select the cheaper alternative of composite slate roofing. Composite slate is manually engineered to last even longer and provide greater value.

On Texas homes with a Spanish or Southwest style, clay tile roofing is another low maintenance option that gives high performance. Clay tile will provide reliable home protection for at least a half century. Modern clay tile goes through a kiln firing process, so the color won't fade with sun exposure and homeowners will rarely need to paint.

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Clay tiles are able to sustain the elements and resist burning during a fire. Unlike wood, tiles aren't vulnerable to dry rot and worrisome termite infestations either. The heavy weight of clay tile roofing may be a concern though, because extra support beams usually must be added.

Metal roofing is also coming back into vogue as a low maintenance choice. Most metal products come with 40 to 50 year warranties guaranteeing they won't crack, split or corrode. Copper, steel and aluminum are the most popular options. Metal roofing can battle the elements up to three times longer than traditional asphalt shingles. Metal also absorbs significantly less solar heat to keep homes energy efficient. Sturdy metal roofs have the highest fire retardant ratings, which can qualify homeowners for insurance discounts. Modern metal roofing can come with galvanized rustproof coatings to avoid premature aging.

The right low maintenance roofing material will depend on the home's slope, existing framing, local building codes and aesthetic style. For instance, clay tiles will be more suitable for a hip roof than a flat one. Consult with a reputable roofer for selecting the best and most resilient material that won't require the hassle of maintenance.

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