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A well maintained roof provides a functional and beautiful accent to any home. On the other hand, a roof with visible damage can be an eyesore and a potential threat to the home's interior. That's why a roof is such an important aspect of curbside appeal even if it isn't the first thing on many homeowners' minds. Keeping a roof looking like new throughout its lifespan is possible, and most Plano roofing contractors recommend a proactive maintenance regimen as the best way to achieve it.

Longevity, durability and cost are all excellent reasons to choose a roofing material, but aesthetics shouldn't be ignored either. A roof bolsters or diminishes curbside appeal, and that appeal has a very real effect on the value of a home. A reason why black is such a popular roof color is that it's neutral and goes with nearly anything. Choose colors and textures that accent the home, but don't lose sight of the future siding and trim color choices that'll be affected.

Often overlooked yet crucial components of roof condition are attic ventilation and insulation.

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Proper ventilation in the summer avoids overheating of the shingles, and proper ventilation in the winter avoids a roof that's too warm, which can lead to ice dams, condensation and other problems. Homeowners who can't remember the last time their ventilation was inspected should schedule one right away, and all homeowners should schedule an insulation and ventilation inspection at least once a decade.

Most homeowners recognize the importance of replacing broken or missing shingles immediately. Flashing can be easier to overlook because it's often out of sight, but when flashing fails, it can lead to moisture beneath the shingles that can cause discoloration and roof deck damage. It's also essential to regularly clean and inspect gutters and downspouts. Blocked or misaligned gutters can lead to water getting under the shingles at the roof edge, which causes curling and can rot the fascia board.

Homeowners should also watch for staining and be sure to remove it as soon as possible in order to avoid or limit long term discoloration. Spot cleaning with a mixture of water and oxygen bleach is usually good enough, but it's not a bad idea to hire a professional to clean the roof every several years or so. The most common roof staining agents are algae and moss, and if that kind of growth is prevalent, then homeowners should consider installing an algae shield.

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