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Plano Roofing: Article About How To Winterize A Roofing Structure

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From heavy snowfall to high winds, the winter season brings the harshest weather out of the year. This can cause roofs to suffer from various degrees of damage if certain precautions aren't taken. When winterizing a roof, a Plano roofing professional can take several steps to prolong the life span of the structure.

One of the first steps homeowners should take to prep the roof for the winter season is to make sure that there is enough cool air flowing through the attic. This will help to reduce the risk of ice dams that can develop on the building due to freezing temperatures outdoors. Vents and fans should be installed to regulate the air flow. It's important to avoid using warm air in the space, which can cause the snow that is on the roof to melt too quickly.

Another step to take is to clean out the rain gutters of leaves and debris that can begin to accumulate from the fall season. If the rain gutters are clogged, it will cause water to become backed up onto the roof and for leaks to develop. Standing water can easily lead to the roofing materials wearing or deteriorating at a faster rate.

Any loose or missing shingles or tiles on the roof should be replaced by a professional roofer to prevent leaks from developing.

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A bare roof deck that is not covered can cause water damage to occur to the inside of the home, which can destroy personal belongings. This can also lead to mold and health issues for residents who are living in the house.

Nearby tree branches can also threaten the roofing structure if they're too close to the home. It's crucial that a professional landscaper trim the trees at the end of the fall season to prevent the branches from growing back too quickly. This will prevent the trees from puncturing the roof in the middle of a storm or when it's a windy day.

The flashing should also be inspected by a professional to ensure that it's secure on the roof and that there aren't any gaps present. If a roofer discovers rust or gaps in the material, it can quickly lead to leaks in the home due to areas that are not properly sealed. If the material is worn, it will likely need to be replaced. The new flashing material will potentially last for the next 30 years on the roof.

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