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A roof is one of the most important systems in the entire home. However, according to Plano roofing professionals, when it comes to preventative maintenance and care, it is frequently overlooked. This common oversight can lead to premature aging of a roof as well as the need for costly repairs. Homeowners should follow these tips in order to prolong the life of their roof and reduce the chances they will need to perform roof repairs.

During the normal course of coming and going from the home, homeowners should be aware of the condition of their roof. They should note any missing or displaced shingles and if the roof is generally starting to look worn out. It is also important that homeowners know the approximate age of their roof. Anticipating when the roof may need to be replaced can help mitigate damages to this system.

Homeowners can also be aware of when neighbors are having their roofs replaced, as this may be a sign theirs need to be replaced as well. Homes in the same neighborhood are generally built during the same time period and experience the same weather conditions, making it likely that their roofs need to be replaced at a similar time.

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Every few months, homeowners can grab a pair of binoculars and walk around their home to assess the roof. They should look for shingles that have come loose or are cracking, curling, buckling or missing a significant amount of granules. The flashings should also be inspected to see if they are intact and free of any corrosion or rust. During this inspection, homeowners can also look for any pest infestations. Any of these warning signs should be reported to a roofing professional as soon as possible.

Homeowners should also inspect the gutters and the areas where the downspouts empty out. Clogging of water and debris in the gutters can cause water to pool around the surfaces of the roof and to get into the roof. This can cause mold, wood rot and other issues. Gutters should be cleaned once or twice per year. Also, a significant amount of granules in the gutters can be a sign that shingles are wearing out.

Trees and bushes should be kept pruned so that no branches come near the roof. Even gentle, but constant, scraping of a branch on a roof can cause damage. In addition, the wind from a storm can cause the branches to become very flexible and cause severe damage to the roof. Keeping the branched trimmed back far away from the roof will prevent this problem.

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