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Gutters are often an overlooked part of the house but they serve an important purpose in the roofing system to maintain the home. When there's a problem with the gutter, mold and mildew can grow either inside or outside the home. Other types of damage, such as wood rot can also occur, further damaging other building blocks of the house.

Homeowners can prevent expensive damages to their homes by having their gutters cleaned each year. There are many Plano roofing contractors that provide gutter cleaning services, so that homeowners don't have to attempt the job themselves.

One of the main reasons homeowners should maintain clean gutters is that a clogged gutter causes too much water to accumulate at the house's foundation. In the winter, this water overflow can cause frost to crack the foundation wall when it freezes. More common problems homeowners in Plano, Texas experience from backed up water are undetected leaks and wood rot in the fascia of their houses. Undetected roof leaks slowly damage the wall and/or ceiling of the home.

A possible gutter problem that many homeowners don't know about is that their sidewalks and driveways can be damaged when a gutter doesn't drain efficiently. Negative impacts of improper gutter drainage include cracks in the concrete, mold and mildew growing on the sidewalk or driveway, and sagging concrete.

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In addition to sidewalks and driveways being damaged by excess water, the lawn can suffer from soil erosion and the death of grass, trees, and other plants from receiving too much water. This is especially important for homeowners who enjoy a clean looking lawn or maintaining a garden.

Due to the added weight from twigs and other debris in a clogged gutter, the gutter can loosen or pull away from its attachment. Many homeowners don't realize that a loosened gutter could have been prevented via regular cleaning. A clogged gutter also attracts insects and rodents that turn the gutter into a makeshift nest. From living in the gutter, they venture inside the living space of the homeowner at some point.

Many problems can result from a clogged gutter that could easily be prevented through gutter maintenance. These problems are usually not thought of to be caused by a clogged gutter, so homeowners may spend extra money trying to solve a problem without that the gutter is the source of the issue. Therefore, it's necessary for homeowners to be aware of the dangers of a clogged gutter and have their gutters cleaned to prevent more costly problems from occurring.

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