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A home's roof exists to keep water from getting into a home, and gutters assist with this task as well as help to prevent water from collecting around the base of a house. Gutters run along the edges of a roof and channel water to the downspout, which runs from the roof to about a foot above the ground.

Water from the downspout is diverted away from the home, either to a draining system or to a water collection system. This ensures that water does not pool around a home. Frequent exposure to water can reduce the load bearing capacity of a foundation, and water around a home's base can cause soil to erode.

If water does not run off of Plano roofing and onto the outside walls of a home, this scenario can cause discoloration of outside walls and may lead to the development of mold or mildew around windows and doors. Keeping water flowing off of a roof and safely away from a home is a fairly simple job, but it requires that gutters stay in good condition. Some of the most common problems that can occur with gutters are clogs, settling and leaks.

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Gutters will frequently collect debris over time, including everything from leaves to insects. It is not uncommon for birds to build nests in gutters. When enough detritus collects in a gutter, it can create clogs, which prevent water from being able to flow freely to the downspout. When this happens, water often collects on the roof.

This can make leaks more likely to develop, and the weight of water may even cause a depression in the roof. A depression in the roof provides more space for water to gather in, and that can lead to standing water, making leaks even more likely to occur. Water that penetrates the roof can make its way into the walls and siding of the home as well.

When enough debris collects in gutters, it may cause them to sag. Gutters are installed so that they are on a slight incline and tilted towards the downspout to ensure that water flows that way. When the gutter is weighed down, it may settle, so it tilts away from the downspout, and water stays stuck in the sagging gutter.

Leaks can also develop when the connections between gutters develop gaps or when gutters rust. When this occurs, water drains through the leaks and can splash on outside walls and create puddles near the base of a home.

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