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Plano Roofing: Article About Green Roofs and Maintenance Challenges

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Green roofs, also called eco-roofs or vegetated roofs, consist of a waterproof membrane, a growing medium such as soil and some vegetation over a traditional roof. Hiring Plano roofing experts to install a green roof can help homeowners experience its advantages. Homeowners can benefit from cheap water treatment and air filtration, especially in the urban areas.

Green roofs have also been touted as a great option for urban areas that have an abundance of atmospheric smog ozone depleting chemicals. Moreover, such kinds of roofs also assist in soundproofing houses and making the internal climate cooler. This way, the house owner spends less cost in maintaining the house warm or cool during the periods of extreme climates.

The green roof technology takes into account that the water may seep into the traditional roof. To mitigate such risks, there are several membranes that are layered together to create an impermeable root-barrier layer.

Despite the technologies that have been advanced to ensure that the green roof technologies are a success, there are several challenges that crop up during the installation and maintenance periods. The first and foremost challenge is the weight. The very many layers of membranes, soils and plants put a lot of pressure on the battens that hold the roof. Owing to the fact that most houses were built before this technology came into existence, there is typically no provision for the extra weight in most modern homes.

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Leak prevention is also a major challenge for the green roofing technology. If by any chance there is leakage after installation, one may be required to re-roof the structure in order to solve the problem. Sometimes, it is also hard to detect the location of a leak as water flows along the contours of the roof. It is difficult to simply remove a problem area on a green roof.

It is also hard to maintain the traditional roof beneath the eco-roof. Despite being protected from natural elements, the roof could be having a problem that was not detected during the installation of the eco-roof. Faults, cracks and splits may be hard to repair. In most cases, the green roof must be removed before repairs can be made. This is typically a cumbersome and very expensive process.

Maintaining green crops and ensuring that everything is working as required may be an expensive undertaking. Furthermore, the personnel should be taught about safety, how to handle the crops among other requirements. The plants together with the roof can be affected by natural elements such as wind, snow and hailstorms. Little can be done to deal with such natural challenges.

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