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Roofs play a pivotal role in keeping homes safe from the elements. When signs of roof damage indicate that the roofing system is compromised, homeowners must take immediate action to preserve structural integrity. Buckling shingles, missing tiles, granule loss, severe leakage and dry rot are all warning signs that it's time for replacement. Reroofing a home is one of the most expensive home improvement projects, so owners must be cautious to protect their investment. The following are helpful tips for making the roof replacement process easier.

First, homeowners must hire a qualified Plano roofing contractor with the training and experience needed for proper installation. Make certain that prospective roofers are licensed with a local authority to certify their knowledge of building code requirements. Only trust roofing companies who are insured with general liability and worker's compensation insurance. Don't be afraid to contact the carrier and check the coverage for peace of mind. Reputable roofers should also be able to provide positive client references for previous quality roofing work.

Having a building permit is essential whenever homeowners plan a roof replacement. Reroofing without a permit is a blatant building code violation, so city inspectors will have the right to shut down work without one. Roofing warranties are usually voided when there's no building permit too.

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Call the city office to guarantee that the roofer has completed the legwork for obtaining a permit before starting. Getting a permit approved will cost extra and add time to the deadline, but it'll be worth it.

Many homeowners question whether their old roof should be removed or roofed over. The latter option will be more affordable now, but create costly troubles down the road. Shingles aren't designed to bridge over gaps and dips in old roofs. It's recommended that the old roof be completely torn off and recycled for creating a fresh, new roof. This gives also contractors the ability to carefully inspect the roof decking and sheathing for signs of structural or water damage. Roofers should replace the underlayment for protection against leaks.

Choosing the right roofing material is another stressful part of roof replacement. There's a range of materials available that each offer their own pros and cons. Asphalt shingles, wood shakes, clay tiles, metal and slate are usually the most popular options. Homeowners should consider the durability, longevity, weight, cost and overall style of each product. Talking with an experienced contractor is key to design a new roof that perfectly complements the exterior decor.

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