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Extreme weather conditions can lead to emergencies that may require quick thinking on the part of a homeowner. During inclement weather, many homeowners may experience roof damage that requires the immediate attention of a contractor. Plano roofing contractors, however, may become instantly overwhelmed with repair requests. Hurricanes and tornadoes are the type of extreme weather that can cause a great deal of damage to many homes in a very short period of time.

If the home is not under immediate threat of being more severely damaged by rainwater or other storm related issues, a homeowner should leave the repairs to the expertise of a professional roofing contractor. The homeowner should also call his or her insurance provider to review the home's insurance coverage and begin the process of making a claim. Homeowners insurance may cover the cost of the repairs and also the cost of temporary repairs handled by a professional. Before making a decision about how to move forward, the homeowner should gather as much information as possible to make good choices about the best way to approach the repair process. This may include the cost, the roofing contractor's availability, the insurance provider's coverage and the requirements of filing a claim.

To assess the severity of damage, the homeowner should avoid going up on the roof.

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Instead, damage may be able to be viewed from the ground, and binoculars can be used to take a closer look. The homeowner can also check the inside of the home to see if water stains are developing. Covering damage with a tarp will give a homeowner the time to prevent more damage from occurring while also allowing time for decisions to be made about the repairs. However, a tarp is for an emergency repair only. A professional roofing contractor should be immediately contacted for permanent, professional repairs. The homeowner should never go up on the roof during a storm. It is very dangerous to stand on a roof, especially when it is wet. It is also very dangerous to stand on a tarp, which, whether wet or dry, can be slippery.

Temporary repairs to a roof should only be performed if absolutely necessary and only in a situation where continued extreme weather may cause even more damage to the home. Safety is the most important consideration. Any temporary emergency repairs should only be performed if the homeowner is knowledgeable and comfortable with doing so and if appropriate tools are available.

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