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Gutters are an important part of any roof. They enable water to transfer from the roof to the drainage system, which prevents leakages and roof damage. Because gutters help keep homes structurally sound, it is necessary to clean and inspect them regularly. Texas homeowners who need to replace their gutter system should consult with a Plano roofing professional. There are many types of gutters, and experts can help homeowners decide which gutter system is best for their home.

Gutters come in a number of different materials, which range in price and aesthetic. Aluminum gutters are lightweight and easy to customize, and copper gutters are a durable and attractive choice. Plastic gutters are a popular option, as they are easy to install, lightweight and require little maintenance. Cast iron gutters are long lasting but heavier than the other gutter types. They usually require a coat of paint.

Gutters of all materials are either seamless or sectional. Seamless gutters are typically made out of copper, steel or aluminum, and they are customized on site using a special machine. They have no seams, which prevents leaks and other problems. Sectional gutters come as separate components, which are joined together with snap-in-place connectors. This type of gutter can be installed by a nonprofessional, while seamless gutters can only installed by a specialist with the right tools.

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The downside to sectional gutters, however, is that they are more prone to leaks.

Homeowners also need to decide on the size and shape of their new gutters. Most gutters are either K-shaped or U-shaped, and the channels are available in diameters ranging from 4 to 6 inches. The size of downspouts also varies, and homeowners in wooded areas should request larger downspouts to reduce clogging. Once a homeowner has settled on a gutter shape and materials, they can choose a color. Aluminum and steel gutters are available in a wide range of colors to complement the house color or trim. Copper gutters usually remain unpainted, and they develop an attractive patina over time. Vinyl gutters are available in white and brown.

Homeowners who want seamless gutters will need to enlist the help of a roofing professional. They can help to choose material, cut the gutters to the exact specification and ensure that the system drains properly. They can also remove old gutters and replace any rotting fascia boards. Properly installed gutters should look great, last for years and perform their function without leakage.

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