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Plano Roofing: Article About Differences Between Clay and Concrete Tiles

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When installing a new roofing material on a building, many homeowners opt for using tiles to enhance the look of their property or have a material that will last several decades. Clay tiles have been used since the 1800s and continue to appeal to homeowners. Today, concrete tiles are also increasing in popularity and are considered to be an alternative to clay. Both options can be installed by Plano roofing professionals and have several differences.

Clay tiles are extremely durable and are constructed by molding clay and heating each tile. Their density is often influenced by the amount of time that they're heated. The product is available in yellow, brown, orange and white for a variety of styles that are available. They are extremely resistant to high winds and can withstand high temperatures without absorbing heat easily. This helps to keep the interior property cool for long periods of time. Clay tiles absorb six percent of water and weigh 600 to 650 pounds per square.

Concrete tiles have a water absorption rate of 13 percent, which can lead to mildew and mold developing over the years, which can detract from the appearance of the roof. This can also increase the weight of the tiles and cause more pressure to be applied to the frame of the building.

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Concrete tiles also weigh 40 percent more than clay tiles and can be up to 1,100 pounds per square. Some buildings may not be able to support concrete tiles or reinforcements may need to be used.

Concrete tiles cost less than clay tiles, which can make it a more affordable roofing option for homeowners who have a smaller budget. Concrete tiles have an average price tag of $400 to $900 per square, equating to $6,000 to $15,000 for an entire roof with installation included. Clay tiles are pricier and often cost $700 to $1,000 per square or up to $45,000 for an entire roof. If additional roofing supports are needed to hold the tiles, an additional $1,000 will be added to the overall cost.

Concrete tiles are known to last 30 to 50 years on an average building while clay tiles can last up to 100 years if they're maintained well. This makes clay tiles worth the investment for some homeowners.

Overall, concrete tiles can be more challenging to maintain because of how much water they absorb and due to their weight. Clay tiles won't need as many repairs and require less attention over the years.

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