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Copper shingles are one of the most durable materials used in the roofing industry. At the same time, they are lightweight and malleable, while affording the house a look of architectural elegance. Generally, copper roofing comes with a warranty of at least 50 years (and often more), and the average lifespan of a copper roof stretches beyond 100 years. Modern copper shingles are usually made from around 75% recycled material. At the end of its useful life, the material can be recycled again, making it a wise and ecofriendly choice as well. This extra longevity makes the investment in both copper shingles and in a quality Plano roofing contractor to install them worth the money.

Some shingles are made with 100% copper, which makes them more resilient but also more expensive. Other copper shingles are actually made from a fiberglass (or other composite material) core and copper foiling. Initially, the color of a copper shingle is close to a dull vermilion shade (between orange and red). However, over time, the color develops into bronze or brown hues. When a copper shingle ages, a layer of patina develops on the surface, giving it a refined and elegant look.

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While many homeowners prefer this hue and buy aged shingles, the aging process of copper can be ameliorated using clear coating sprays. There are different designs available in copper shingles, including rectangular, diamond and scallop patterns.

In terms of advantages, copper is a durable material and requires very little maintenance over time. It is a strong fire repellent, with a Class A fire rating, meaning it contains the spread of flames substantially better than many other materials. At the same time, copper as a material is lightweight and quite suited for areas that are prone to earthquakes. Not only do copper shingles not crack, they also preserve the structure of the roof. Unlike wood roofing, copper shingles are also not susceptible to infestation from insects and rodents. Over the years, this could translate to a healthier roof that does not require extermination or repairs due to termite or other insect damage. At the same time, copper roofs provide insulation and durability against frigid winter temperatures and reflect the sun's rays to reduce energy costs during the summer season.

Installation of copper roofing can be completed over an existing roof, and is fairly simple for any professional contractor. Maintenance of copper roofing is also a simple process. Unlike some other metal materials, copper does not rust, crack or mold.

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