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Cool roofs are a roofing innovation designed to make a home more energy efficient. A cool roof is a roof that reflects sunlight, absorbs less heat and radiates solar energy away from its surface more efficiently than a standard roof does. A home or business owner may want to consider installing a cool roof, either as a new roof on an existing structure, as part of new construction or as a retrofit for an existing roof. If the homeowner lives in a hot weather area and is interested in making a building "greener," saving money or both, a cool roof may be a good option. The best way to know whether the potential costs of a cool roof can be offset by the savings it will provide is to consult a Plano roofing contractor. Roofing professionals know how to combine their experience with detailed inspections to arrive at a determination.

The advantages of a cool roof over a standard one for a homeowner vary depending on certain factors. The most obvious benefit is that the home is kept cooler during the summer months because a roof with a lower temperature transfers less heat to the building below. This usually translates into lower energy costs because less air conditioning is needed.

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Those who don't have air conditioning in their homes or businesses may not necessarily see lower energy bills, but they can still save money in other ways. Because sunlight is one of the causes of roof deterioration over time, it's thought that a cooler roof tends to last longer than a hotter one. In addition, if air conditioning is ever installed in a structure that is consistently cooler to begin with, then a smaller unit will do the job just as well as a bigger, more expensive one.

There are other, more indirect benefits of having a cool roof. Less overall energy use is good for the environment, as it delays the building of new power plants. If fewer air conditioners are on during peak energy consumption hours, communities don't suffer as many power outages. Cool roofs, if enough buildings have them, can even help fight the heat island effect in more densely populated zones in much the same way that parks and green areas do.

There are many types of cool roofing materials that can be used to achieve the desired results, including reflective paint coatings, sheet coverings, shingles and tiles. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as materials with lighter rather than darker colored pigments. Cool roofing materials are graded by their solar reflectance and thermal emittance values. The closer these values are to one, the more sunlight is reflected. This means that more heat is emitted than absorbed.

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