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Composition shingles are made from a fiberglass based mat placed at the core of the shingle, which is then coated with minerals and fillers that stick to fiberglass, and then with asphalt, which renders the shingle waterproof. Finally, the top of the shingle is coated with another layer of granules to add a protection against the sun's rays. Homeowners today have a number of options to choose from when it comes to modern roofing. Of all these options, composition shingles with a fiberglass base remain the most popular with Plano roofing professionals. Nearly 85% of the residential roofs in the US are made from composition shingles.

There are three major types of composition shingles. The first of these is the standard 3 tab shingle. This is the easiest type of shingle to maintain. It is also the most inexpensive. The 3 tab shingle is made from a single layer of product with a pattern of tabs. These come with a warranty of 20 to 30 years. The second type of shingle is the laminate shingle. This is also known as the dimensional. This is an upgrade from the first type, and has double the thickness of material.

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As a result, laminate shingles are more durable and come with a warranty of 30 to 50 years. The third type is the architectural shingle. This is the top of the line in composition shingles. It is heavier, thicker and larger in size than the standard shingles. In addition to having a nice visual appeal, these are also effective against fire and moss. These shingles come with a warranty of 50 years, but tend to last the life of the house.

In choosing a roofing material, it is always important to understand the functional advantages. For its durability, character and strength, composition shingles are surprisingly affordable. The 3 tab composition shingles are generally one of the cheapest of roofing materials. They are easy to replace, which can also be a way of saving on maintenance costs. However, unlike shingles made from asphalt, which curl and break easily and last only 20 years, composition roofs can last a significantly longer time. Over the years, composition shingles remain just as effective in decreasing energy costs, protecting the roof from UV rays and providing a high level of fire resistance. In addition to high functionality, composition shingles come in a number of colors, styles and textures. Installing composition shingles can not only improve the safety and quality of the roof, but also the curb appeal of the house.

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