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When it comes time to replace the roof, a smart homeowner will get referrals from friends and ask a few of those companies to give a written estimate. This allows one to carefully compare the companies side by side. Some will ultimately choose based solely on a comparison of the prices, with the Plano roofing company that has the lowest price winning out. Unfortunately, that isn't always the way to find the best company. It's important to look at all of the details set out by the companies.

Of course, price is important, and it's the first thing many will look at on the estimate. When comparing the costs, though, look at the line item cost of each thing. For example, one company might have a higher product cost because they're using higher quality materials. If there's a big difference in labor costs, it could be because one company has specially trained workers or because one company has underestimated the amount of time it will take to finish the job. A company with an unusually low cost may not be including the cost of incidentals. When there are differences in cost, try to understand why.

The companies should be as detailed as possible when it comes to listing what products they plan to use. For example, a difference in cost may be attributed to one company choosing to use wood that's a half inch thick, while another company uses wood that's three quarters of an inch thick.

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It's also important to understand the warranties that come with the products and the work. For example, a company with a 15 year warranty on their products may be a better choice than a company that only has a 10 year warranty, even if the overall cost is a bit higher. In addition to the product warranties, the company should also offer a guarantee on the work they do. Improper installation is a major cause of problems with the roof.

If the homeowner is financing through the roofing company, it's also necessary to compare the terms of the financing. Sometimes, a company will be so focused on creating a monthly payment that's affordable that the overall cost at the end of the loan turns out to be a lot higher than other options would have been. When financing, consider both the rate and the loan term. They should also show the total price paid at the end of the loan to make it easier to compare apples to apples.

Never make a spur of the moment decision when it comes to something as important as the roof. Take the time to look at the details and ask questions. After considering all of the facts, choose the company that's the best fit.

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