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The job of a roof is to keep a home protected from the elements, but its largest challenge is keeping water from getting into a home. This may not seem like a difficult task, but water can find its way through every possible opening, which results in leaks forming in a roof. Therefore, Plano roofing is designed with a variety of systems to keep water out, and each may develop problems.

Some of the more common problems with roofing are leaks, issues with gutters and lack of proper ventilation. Since these systems work together, a problem with one may lead to issues with another. Leaks generally form when gutters or weatherproofing are not providing a complete barrier against water. This can be due to shingles that are torn off or missing or from insufficient weatherproofing that is in bad shape. However, leaks may also occur as a result of standing water. When water stays on top of a roof instead of flowing off of it, it can work its way through tiny pinhole sized imperfections in asphalt shingles.

Standing water often accumulates as a result of depressions on a roof or gutters that are overflowing. Depressions in a roof may be caused by a poor roof installation, but the weight of standing water from overflowing gutters can also create sagging areas on a roof.

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Gutters exist to provide a pathway for water to flow off of a roof without gathering against the ground around a home. The foundation can be damaged by too much exposure to water, and the soil around a foundation can erode when water flows around the base of a home.

By channeling water to a downspout, water is diverted a few feet away from a home. However, if the downspout or gutters became clogged, it prevents water from moving quickly through them. This can cause water to pool on a roof, creating standing water and causing the roof to sag.

Lack of proper ventilation in an attic can also lead to problems. Airflow in the attic lets cooler and drier replace stuffy attic air. Vented soffits, which allow air to enter an attic, work with ridge vents to keep air in an attic cooler and drier than it would be without ventilation. If an attic does not have proper ventilation, the attic can get hot enough to warp shingles and humid air can lead to water damage in rafters and joists.

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