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A roof is one of the most important components of a home, and homeowners should take every precaution to ensure a new roof is installed correctly. There are common mistakes that roofing contractors make due to lack of experience or poor roofing practices that can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a new roof. Plano roofing experts recommend homeowners keep an eye on the following warning signs that could indicate poor workmanship.

Homeowners are cautioned against the "roof recover" option being marketed throughout the roofing industry. A roof cover is the process of installing new roofing material over the existing material in an attempt to save on the cost of removal of the old roof covering. The theory is that the new materials in conjunction with the old will double the strength and effectiveness of the roof. The correct way to install a roof involves completely removing the old material. This allows a complete inspection of the underlying wood decking. Additionally, when a roof is recovered, mold and mildew often develop as moisture is trapped between the layers of roofing material.

Homeowners must also check to ensure that a roofing contractor will not use staples to secure roofing material. Nails are the only way to attach shingles or other roofing materials because they offer stronger holding power.

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Poor or inexperienced roofers may claim that staples work just as well and that they are faster to apply. Do not allow staples to be used, however, because shingles applied with staples will fall off at a higher rate.

Property owners should also be aware that poor roofing contractors will sometimes skimp on the application of ice and water shield. This critical component of a roof provides a completely waterproof barrier to prevent against roof leaks at areas that are prone to leaking, including around plumbing penetrations and along the edge of a roof. Ice and water shield is relatively expensive, but it is a very effective deterrent against water penetration.

Homeowners should also ensure proper installation of underlayment. Underlayment is available as a black felt or synthetic material. Its purpose is to provide a last defense against water that has made its way underneath shingles. Underlayment should cover the entire area of the wood decking before roofing material is laid down on top of it. Contractors may try to get away with not installing underlayment as it is completely hidden by shingles. It is not expensive, but it serves a critical purpose and should always be used.

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