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Although the main purpose of a roof is functional in that it protects the structure, it has a secondary purpose of helping the home look good. Most homeowners often do not think about the fact that the roof accounts for nearly half of the exterior of the home, however. This means that the roof is highly important when it comes to making the exterior of a home look aesthetically pleasing. Since asphalt roofs last about 20 to 30 years, choosing a roof color is a decision that requires thought and contemplation. Being stuck with the wrong color for a few decades can be a costly mistake, as it will be expensive to replace and can drive the value of the home down. For homeowners who may be having trouble deciding on the right roof color for their home, here are some helpful tips.

Homeowners shouldn't be afraid to ask their Plano roofing professional for advice on which colors might complement their home. It is likely the roofing contractor has worked on dozens, if not hundreds, of roofs, and has background knowledge in which colors work together and which do not.

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In addition, a homeowner can ask other neighbors, or even a designer, what their recommendation might be.

Aiming for a balance between being too monotone and being too dramatic should be the goal of a homeowner when choosing the color of shingles, or rather the granule color on the shingles. If the home's paint, brick, trim or other areas are a neutral color, the homeowner may want to use a bit more color on the roof. However, if the home already features bold colors in its existing features, the homeowner may want to choose a more neutral colored shingle.

The climate is another factor to consider when selecting a roof color. The shingles on a home have been proven to affect the temperature of a home's attic by as much as 20 to 40 degrees. Lighter shingles will reflect sunlight, potentially decreasing home energy costs. However, in a cooler climate, a homeowner may choose a darker shingle to help keep heat in during the winter months. Plus, they can also help melt snow and ice.

Choosing a color for the roof is not an easy task. However, taking some time to decide and using these tips will help the homeowner feel confident they have made an informed decision that will help their home look its best.

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