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When it comes to replacing a roof on an older house or deciding on a roof style for a new construction, the consumer can feel a little confused by all the different choices of styles and materials. Since roofs are an essential part of the design of the house, when it's time to choose one, a consultation with a Plano roofing professional can be just what's needed in picking the right roof. Here are descriptions of a few of the most popular and frequently used styles.

The flat roof has made the leap from commercial to residential use for several reasons. They keep costs down because they use fewer materials in construction, their very slight pitch lets rain drain off them, and unlike other roofs, a flat roof provides the owner with extra space that can be used to build a deck, plant a roof garden or place the air conditioning or heating units.

However, flat roofs are prone to leaks and need to be waterproofed. It's recommended that the roof be constructed with metal sheets, rubber membrane, PVC or tar and gravel.

The gable roof has a simple triangular design that makes it easy and inexpensive to build. Two sloping sides come from a central high ridge, and the slopes send water and debris sliding off the roof.

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This sloped roof also creates a space that can be used as an attic, study or loft. Gable roofs are well suited to all climates and can be covered with nearly any type of roofing material available, including clay tile, slate, wood and asphalt.

However, especially in areas that get high winds or hurricanes, it's extremely important to make sure that the roof frame is constructed with enough support to be able to stop any potential collapse under high wind conditions. There can also be problems with the eaves on gable houses, since high winds can actually get beneath an overhang and detach it from the side of the house.

A mansard, or French roof, has four double sided slopes and is generally used on more expensive homes. These roofs create extra living space for an attic, extra bedroom or a studio. Most materials other than overlapping asphalt tiles can be used for a mansard roof.

Because mansard roofs are often used in upscale communities and made with materials like copper, they tend to be on the more expensive side. Another problem is that the low pitched top part of the roof does not handle heavy snow well.

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