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All roofs require annual or biannual inspections, but a majority of homeowners don't think about scheduling inspections until they notice that their roof has a leak. Many problems can result in a roof leak, but, no matter what the cause, it's recommended that homeowners hire a Plano roofing contractor for repairs.

Broken and missing shingles is a very common cause of roof leaks, and they are easily spotted because the roof has a different color where the damaged or missing shingles are or are supposed to be. Missing shingles could also be spotted in the homeowner's yard. This problem is usually the result of heavy rain and high winds, but shingles that aren't maintained can also become cracked and eventually break apart from heat absorption. To fix a broken shingle, a roofer has to remove the remnants before installing a new one.

Damaged flashing is also a cause for roof leaks. The purpose of these thin pieces of metal is to prevent water from seeping underneath the roof covering and underlayment to the roofing deck. Flashing is often installed under shingles and on roof joints. Exposed flashing looks like a long run of sheet metal, while concealed flashing has a rubber coating. When the metal is damaged, it will have large cracks.

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This can happen when the tar used to seal the flashing together becomes corroded and is exposed to elements such as rain and wind. A roofing contractor has to remove the old flashing and replace it with new material. If the damaged flashing is underneath shingles, the shingles have to be removed first. A sealant is also applied over the nail heads on the new flashing.

To the surprise of most homeowners, clogged gutters can cause roof leaks as well. This is usually noticeable because of leaves sticking out of the gutters. However, another way to tell if the gutters are clogged is to see if water flows freely out of the downspout when it rains. When gutters are clogged, the water will no longer flow away from the roof and will begin to pool in one area, giving it the opportunity to drain through cracks. The best way to fix this type of roof leak is to remove the debris. Homeowners should also have their contractors inspect the roof to ensure that no further damage is present.

Roof leaks can occur through poorly sealed valleys as well. Valleys are the areas where two planes of a roof connect, and they are usually sloped. Without a proper seal, rain can get underneath the covering and eventually penetrate the roofing deck. Improper installation, cracks from foot traffic or erosion from excess rain and ice may the reason for poorly sealed valleys. A roofer will likely install a new barrier and shingles to repair the problem.

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