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A home's roof, no matter the quality of its materials or how well it was installed, will eventually show signs of deterioration. The presence of certain elements can hasten that decline, so homeowners can benefit by being aware of these signs, and, if possible, take steps to mitigate them. A Plano roofing professional can help with regular roof inspections and maintenance. Neglecting to take care of minor problems before they escalate into larger ones is one of the principal causes of accelerated roof deterioration.

Wind is one of a roof's principal foes. In addition to the obviously destructive effects of very high winds, moderate winds can also harm a roof when they lift the edges of the shingles and allow rain or debris to get under them. The long term effect is that parts of the roof that would otherwise not be as exposed to the elements can then be affected by rain, hail and the sun's UV rays. Wind can also rip and blow off shingles altogether, leaving areas of the roof's structure unprotected and increasing the likelihood that surrounding shingles will be torn away in subsequent weather events.

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If not attended to in a timely manner, the problem of a few missing shingles can snowball into a major roof repair.

Rain and moisture also contribute to shortening a roof's lifespan. If rainwater gets underneath the roofing materials, it can encourage the growth of rot and mildew. Regrettably, it's a vicious cycle, as the presence of fungus can decelerate the shedding of rain, leading to new problems such as leaks.

Another factor promoting premature roof failure is the existence of trees near the roof, especially if they are overgrown. Hanging branches, when blown by the wind, can gouge and eventually tear shingles. If the branches break off and fall onto the roof, they can also do damage, or, at the very least, they will contribute to rot problems by trapping moisture on the roof. Hanging branches can also shed leaves that clog gutters and prolong the time it takes the roof to dry after a rainstorm.

Sometimes roofs don't last as long because they suffer from design flaws such as inadequate roof slope. A roof with inadequate slope will suffer more from the effects of exposure to the elements. The area exposed to the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays is larger in a roof with less slope, and flatter roofs also tend to have issues with moisture because they don't drain water as easily.

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