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For homeowners who live in warmer climates, the roof is an important feature on the property that will influence the home's comfort levels. Although many people don't realize it, the roof can cause the interior of the building to remain cool or become too hot throughout the year. To find the best roofing materials for warm climates, there are a few options to consider with the expertise of a Plano roofing professional.

Slate roofs are considered one of the most energy efficient products to install on a building. The natural rock is extremely heavy and dense, which prevents heat from being absorbed through the surface. Because of its weight, it also prevent drafts from occurring in the home with heat that can escape. This helps to keep cool air indoors during the season. Although slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials to purchase, reclaimed materials are available at a lower cost.

Metal roofs are another viable option in warm climates because the material is solar reflective. Metal is available in copper, steel and aluminum and helps to reflect up to 70 percent of UV rays. This prevents heat from soaking into the building and warming up the house.

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The metal can also be painted white to ensure that more of the sun is reflected even more.

Clay tiles have been used for hundreds of years in warm regions and are extremely efficient at keeping heat out. The shape of the tiles helps to keep cool air indoors and the interlocking design of the tiles prevents drafts from occurring. This is due to air flow that occurs due to the shape of the tiles for less heat capture.

Concrete tiles are another option and are more affordable than clay tiles or slate. Concrete tiles take a significant amount of time to heat, which allows the home to stay cooler. The light shade of the material also allows more of the sun's rays to be reflected compared to other roofing options. The tiles are also heavy, which prevents less air form escaping from the inside. Homeowners who prefer concrete tiles should first consult with expert roofers for information on what types of structural supports may need to be installed.

Rubber membrane roofs are constructed out of synthetic rubber and are available in light colors for homes. It is lightweight and reflective, which prevents as many UV rays from being absorbed. It is also known to be waterproof and is considered a "cool roof" technology. The material is not as expensive to purchase or have installed on a building.

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